Lorenzo Di Giorgio, Franchise Owner, Green Square, Brisbane.

When it comes to going into business and whether to do that within a franchise model or going it alone as an independent, the best people to ask are those who have done it.

As far as we are concerned at Stellarossa, it’s the ultimate question that needs to be answered.

Of course each option has its pro’s and con’s, so we asked one of our franchise owners, Lorenzo Di Giorgio, based at Green Square in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley for his take on it.

Why did you choose Stellarossa over going it on your own as an independent, and amongst all the other franchise options?

“At the start the reason I chose Stellarossa was because I was looking for a franchise group (that) I could learn from, as without the experience of running a café I wanted to be able to have some support to fall back on.

The second reason why, was because they weren’t out to gouge you. I suppose the franchise fees were affordable. A lot of the others I looked at there was a base of 10% regardless, and the first dollar you earn for Stellarossa is a little bit more flexible and a lot lower, and more achievable.

The third reason was because I got a say in everything. So the fit out that we see behind me is pretty much mine. I got to choose the tables, I got to choose the chairs, the coffee machine, the fridges. Everything was designed in accordance with Stellarossa, by myself and Phil, the owner of Stellarossa.

When it came to the site, I’d been working with Phil and Darren for about 4-5 months. We were looking at another site in the city where, when we sat down and did the numbers, I didn’t see it being profitable. The rent was way too high, what they were asking for.

Then Darren came across this one (location), and he flicked me the details. I did my own research. I came and spent some time here at the other cafes that were already established, and I could see the benefit of this site. The building, when I moved in, was almost going to be 100% tenanted. There were only two floors vacant. These two buildings were both at 100% capacity, so the due diligence showed me that this was the right place to go.

So Darren and Phil came up with the site, gave me all the information I needed. I did my own due diligence as well. I didn’t (just) rely on them. And then that’s how we chose the site. And I said, ‘Yep, I’m happy to go ahead with that’.”