Stellarossa franchise partners and the HQ support team all gathered again in Brisbane for our biannual ‘Constellation’ Meeting on 23 October.

Constellation events serve as ‘A Meeting of the Stars’; a sharing of ideas, knowledge and inspiration, as well as a means to establish and strengthen the relationships within the community.

Connecting face-to-face as busy business owners on a regular basis like this is essential to rejoice, recalibrate and reinvigorate all in one spot at the same time, according to our co-founder Darren Schultz.

“We know the thought of taking a day out of your business can be daunting to some. But, it’s essential for perspective and insight into your operation, not to mention all the networking benefits that come with it. This is why we hold two important, focused Constellation days a year, on top of all of our other structured support, in-store and external.”

“Today, I really enjoyed our focus on the power of your mind set, and how to harness it in the best possible way to meet the challenges in owning a business. As one of our key external speakers, we invited Shaun O’Gorman, founder of the Strong Life Project, who was inspiring and eye-opening on the topic of resilience and leadership. He focused on how we can all build a better business, and benefit personally from attention to ourselves in those areas.”

The focus and content direction of Constellation meetings always differs, and are directed very much by the needs of the community.

A look at some of the Agenda components of the meeting shows the dynamic yet highly practical approach to Constellation meetings;

  • Marketing Strategies Update,
  • Food Display Cabinet Presentation,
  • Business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators),
  • Return on Investment Strategies (by Canio Muscillo, CPA)
  • New product sampling, launch and training,
  • How to engage with your local community – a Case Study,
  • Round-Robin Table Discussion Session – Idea Sharing
  • And much more.

Topics were presented by a mix of Franchise Partners, HQ Support Team Members, and external Keynote Speakers.

“Our approach is a little different to most. Franchise Partners are the essence of Stellarossa, so we believe there’s no one better than them to be up there in the lights, sharing their passion and knowledge with the group on a specific topic where they’ve seen their personal approach contribute to the success of their business. This is crucial to our collective success.”

“It’s also a great opportunity with all stakeholders in one spot, to ask for feedback and present new initiatives so everyone is always on the same page, and most importantly, so that everyone has a voice in the direction of the brand.”

In wrapping up his thoughts on the meeting, Darren made an important observation regarding the concept of ROI in business, an area he feels is not getting enough attention throughout business ownership.

“What I do not see enough of, is franchise networks being up-front about exit strategies from day one. In my view, any successful business investment must be accompanied by short, medium and long term goals, including a plan around exiting the business. We do this as a standard process with any new Franchise Partner coming into the Stellarossa family.

We held two sessions on exit strategies and timing at this Constellation to remind Franchise Partners to always keep an eye on the bigger picture. At the end of the day, our network’s success all hinges on an effective and lucrative business model; an integral part of which, is capitalising on the investment at the right time. Too often, small business owners begin exit planning at the moment they decide to sell, and that just doesn’t do the investment, the business, or the brand, justice.

A good franchisor has no reason to be fearful of talking about your goals for exiting, at the very moment you are buying in to the business.”