21 September 2018

The best baristas in the Stellarossa family are meeting at HQ in Brisbane on 21 September to face-off for the right to be called Barista Champion 2018!

All the practice and planning is done, and now all that’s left is to compete for the five finalists;

  • Erin,
  • Shannon,
  • TJ,
  • Emma, and
  • Anna.

The competition is broken into two award parts;

  • Nine (9) Coffee beverages made by each and judged,
  • One (1) signature drink made by each and judged.
  • There will be prizes for first, second and third respectively for the nine (9) beverage judging, as well as prizes and awards for the best signature drink.

That Coffee Feeling

Do you know that feeling when you are just hanging for a great cup of coffee – like, really hanging for it…

And you walk into your local and the feeling of joy overwhelms you when you see that awesome barista who makes it just the way you like it, is standing there ready to unleash the machine on your behalf?

It’s a feeling so many coffee lovers get, and one we always keep in the back of our mind!

We got you.

Stellarossa, Coffee and Community

Of course our business is synonymous with coffee and coffee based beverages. This competition is important as it provides an opportunity for wonderful team members amongst many of our cafe locations across the state, to come together and be recognised for their outstanding abilities and passion for making first class product for our loyal customers.

We very much believe that community is the core of our business. Every Stellarossa cafe is reliant on, and serves a tight local community of customers who we aim to put a smile on their face every single day.

This doesn’t happen automatically, as it is due to the efforts of people like TJ, Anna, Shannon, Erin and Emma, and so many others, who have developed their craft to the point where they are in a elite group of team members delivering exception al value every day.

And today, we celebrate all of them!

All the results, news, photos and video soon…