At the recent Constellation Meeting of the Stars in Brisbane, Ash and Fiona from Stellarossa HQ unveiled the new Stellarossa Galaxy intranet platform.

A great deal of work was undertaken for many months in rebuilding the old system to provide features that enable Franchise Partners to have fast and seamless access to everything they need to run their business to the best of their ability.

At the heart of it, The Galaxy is a one-stop shop platform for all communication, resources and information related to the running of a Stellarossa Café business.

Ash and Fiona took everyone through a detailed tour of the intranet, a few of the highlighted features and benefits they spoke about were;

  • Stellatips – every fortnight, a HQ Operations Support member uploads a new tip or suggestion to put into practice in stores. These are drawn from the collective wisdom, experience and successes of the entire network and centralised in one spot;
  • Home Page – is the central hub; a ‘news’ presentation and repository, enabling quick and accurate access to all network communication and current information;
  • Templates and Forms – those required in all aspects of the business are found here. An example is HR; all related checklists and forms are available and regularly updated here, with a focus on constantly providing up-to-date information and improving the staff hiring and training process;
  • One Convenient Platform – Menus, recipes, supplier forms, stocktake sheets, and everything else a Stellarossa cafe needs to keep its kitchen running efficiently and effectively are here;
  • Marketing Tools and Resources – a vast range of local area and group marketing collateral and templates are available for use, along with examples and instructions;
  • Google-Based Search Function – essential for ease of use, the platform adopts a google-based search to find what’s needed quickly if not using the site’s menu system.

Overall, the business is very excited to release the new platform with all its enhanced features, functionalities and ease of use. Our key purpose with The Galaxy is to help Franchise Partners to increase their productivity, reduce administrative burdens and be more efficient with their time.

Making the administrative aspects of running the business smoother and easier means that our business owners can focus even more of their time and effort on their local communities and the wonderful guests that are right in front of them!