We look at what we do here at Stellarossa as being very much about striking the right balance for our community of franchise owners.

We’re firm believers that a great franchised cafe business system can only be achieved when it allows for individual owners to put their stamp and influence on their cafe. And even better, while maintaining the integrity of a larger brand, it is not actually that hard to do!

At the heart of everything, business is about people, and nobody responds to inflexible and arbitrary restrictions, let alone on how you run a business! Yes, general brand standards and parameters are in place to maintain the integrity of our collective brand that we put so much into. But our approach is one of common sense, guided by the common purpose to be the best possible local cafe in the communities we are in.

Our balance

We believe we have taken the best that a franchise cafe system has to offer, with;

  • Buying power,
  • Mentoring and support,
  • Training,
  • Brand presence,
  • Site selection,
  • Shop fit expertise, and more.

But, we’ve been able to adapt our approach to business so that individual franchise owners joining us, are still front and centre in the way their cafe fits into their local community and their lives.

Nothing makes less sense to us, than insisting that a poor performing product MUST be sold into a community that are voting with their feet. Sometimes a product or service offer may work great in other communities, but just not always in every community.

Our balance approach means we’re realists on this stuff – we make a decision together on what’s best for your business, and we move on!