We love helping entrepreneurs get into a café business of their own. Of course, we are biased in that we think you should be doing it with us!

But, whichever way you do it, we’d like to think that we can help in some way to give you the best chance of success – no strings attached.

That’s why we created a short and sweet little booklet to focus in on five (5) of the things that make a great café business.

There is always a lot of noise from all different people who are qualified and not, on how you make a success of any business. We like to zero in on the ‘big rocks’, the things that really matter and make a difference to success in a café business.

Some of these things are in decisions before you even open the door, and others relate to daily operations and all in between.

We’ve focused on how you get these things right;

  • Location,
  • Buying power,
  • A profitable menu,
  • The one-percenters,
  • Being the face of your business.

We hope that sharing our knowledge and experience gained over the many years in the coffee industry, can steer you in the direction that best for you.

Who knows, maybe that’s in our direction!

Grab your copy of The 5 things that make a great café business by filling in your details to get access to the book.


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