Future SEQ 2043

Leading demographer Bernard Salt is predicting dynamic population growth in the SEQ region culminating in an expected 5.5 million people calling the golden triangle home by 2043.

This is the key takeaway from the research report he is due to release at a special event in Brisbane on 23 October Future SEQ.

This is especially of interest to us all here at Stellarossa, as of course, we’re proudly SEQ growth focused!

Seq Brisbane Sunshine Coast Gold Coast Toowmba Seq2043 Stellarossa Franchise Cafe
While 2043 is certainly a way off, that type of growth does not happen overnight. We’re already seeing this growth with population and development booming in a number of areas. This type of growth lays excellent foundations in the form of market opportunities for retail and services provision.

Constantly on the lookout for exciting opportunities where we can put our Stellarossa café roots down, we already knew that SEQ was the place to be. With 20+ locations already scattered through the region we’ve got fast-growth area locations we’ll be opening cafes in Mt Cotton, the Sunshine Coast, Springwood and more.

In addition, some key aspects of Bernard Salt’s research highlighted;

  • Implementing a rapid rail network linking Brisbane, Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba in less than 45 mins,
  • SEQ to have a population by 2043 equivalent to the current Melbourne or Sydney today (5.5million),
  • It identified a natural advantage in that rather than being a centre with even spread outwards (Melbourne or Sydney), SEQ will have several large ‘hub’ centres that are independent but connected,
  • SEQ predicted to grow by around 80,000 per year,
  • The largest population growth driver will be overseas migration, as it is now.

Courier Mail 5th October, 2018

How do we all benefit?

We’re continuing with our laser-like focus on SEQ for new Stellarossa café openings. This type of focus gives a franchise company strength as we’re not stretching the reach of our resources, which is a common challenge for many café style franchise brands in rapid expansion.

With a great product mix seen in a well-costed, profitable menu, this is further enhanced with controlled operating and labour costs. Knowing through such extensive research backed data, that our primary area of expansion is more than a match for the growth we’re seeking, it’s clear that our methodical SEQ centric approach is solid.

If you’re ready to look at getting into business in the high-growth South East Queensland region, then maybe becoming part of our growing family here at Stellarossa is for you!