Keeping your day Stellar during this crisis

Ensuring the safety of our guests and our team during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Here at Stellarossa, we’re in the business of making your day a little bit more stellar every time you visit one of our cafes, but as with the rest of the country, we’ve had to make some changes to do our bit to ensure the safety of our guests and our team during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Our cafes are currently operating during their normal business hours (check your local café for details), and we encourage you to continue to pop in for some friendly hospitality, and something to eat or drink (or both!).  We also have bags of coffee beans available in-store so you’re stocked up, just in case you need to make your own coffee at home for a while…

Our normally impeccable hygiene practices have been ramped up, and you may find some changes in your local Stellarossa, which we have encouraged throughout our network in order to keep you safe.  These include the provision of hand sanitiser in our stores wherever possible and removing high-touch items such as sugar from self-service areas (don’t worry, our baristas will still happily provide it to you), and limiting the use of reusable coffee cups (for now).  Please be patient with us while we work to keep your health, and the health of our community, at the top of the priority list.

Most of our cafes have implemented pick up or online ordering services. Please check our website for details about what your local cafe is offering.

Stellarossa is a 100% Australian owned business, and our café owners and operators come from within your local communities.  We appreciate your continued support during this time, and hope that as a community we can come together calmly, patiently, and with care for one another. Remember, a good cup of coffee goes a long way to lifting your spirits, and we’re here, ready to serve when you need us.