Our Christmas marketing promotions and campaigns for our franchise partners!

You might have heard lots of different stories and statements about the marketing support a franchise provides its franchise partners to help them grow their business.

But, sometimes it can be hard to get your head around what that practically looks like for an owner on the ground.

At Stellarossa, the marketing team works hard on creating campaigns and initiatives that are impactful, yet flexible enough for our partners to use across their different locations. We know that each market is slightly different, so the cookie-cutter approach taken by some brands (one-size-fits-all), is not something we think is reasonable or in the best interests of our partners.

The best way to take advantage of the festive season is to find those little angles of product and service that can leverage off what’s happening in peoples lives. Think, easy gifts, festive themed beverages and food and more.

That’s the brief, and marketing came up with around 20 – that’s right, 20! little promotions and campaigns to execute at store level across the network.

Check a bunch of them out below, and….Merry Christmas!