Stellarossa Moorooka

Highlights 45,000 cars pass by this upcoming development every day (AADT). This will be one of those sites you just can't drive by without stopping, quickly becoming an institution for commuters and locals. This easy-access, high exposure spot is screaming for a decent coffee offering! Throw in some genuinely engaged Stellarossa Guest Experience flair, and our high quality on-the-go food, and you'll have the Ultimate Drive Thru Cafe Business!It's rare that we see an opportunity like this, on such a high profile arterial road in Brisbane's southside. Of the 45,000 cars that pass by daily (annualised average), many travel the road frequently and develop rituals and habits based on their commute.This site will thrive from the early AM and then peak again for lunch. A keen marketer will also garner an after-school market, a weekend brunch market, and a mums-and-dads-weekend-sport-taxis market too. There's every opportunity to make this drive thru cafe an extraordinary success.Not only does this location have excellent site exposure for miles, and easy access from all directions - it's also nestled amongst some of the southside's most densely populated suburbs. Locals will also appreciate a locally-run cafe with high quality food and coffee, and friendly staff that know their names.


Early 2022


Price Currently Under Negotiation - Reach out to Find Out More

Cafe Style

Drive-thru + Small Cafe

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