Frequently asked questions

We have a lot of conversations with budding entrepreneurs and we love it when you ask questions, that's how we know you're going to be a great operator. To save you some time we've compiled a list of the most popular questions that come our way. As always, if you have something else on your mind then just get in touch.

ANZ accreditation - what's that?

Many new licensees need finance when purchasing their business. Applying for business finance takes more time and information than a home loan and is generally a long and arduous process, which doesn’t always end in approval of the required or desired finance amount.

Stellarossa have Accreditation with ANZ, which can make for a much smoother process of obtaining a business loan for your investment, and allow you to possibly lend more than you otherwise would have been able. The Accreditation process involves ANZ assessing the Licensed Cafe in all aspects of its business, including past performance, longevity of the model, internal systems and processes, and overall brand strength.

If you decide to purchase a Stellarossa café, and choose to secure lending through ANZ, you’ll work with a specialised ANZ Franchise Business banker who will help you through the process to ensure you find a tailored solution to suit your long and short-term goals and needs.

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why wouldn’t I just set up a café on my own, without a franchise?

Of course you could try do it yourself.

We’re not arrogant enough to think we are your only option in the marketplace. In fact, in your research and consideration of getting into the café business, you should go through the pros and cons of each option.

But what we do know very well, is that there are so many things involved with establishing a successful café business. When done well, a licensed cafe is your short cut through all of the things you need to do to get a café business up and running.

We like the way that franchise expert, Glenn Walford describes it;

“If franchising was invented in 2018 it would be called a Start-Up Hack. The tech industry constantly refers to ‘hacks’, and before that we just referred to those things as short cuts!

It’s the get into business fast hack without the mistakes and errors you’d need to make if on your own. You’re buying a template to own and operate a business. Franchising is just a way to do business, and when done well, it’s actually a really good way of doing business.

You’re buying an idea, a product or service offer that you don’t need to create yourself. You also don’t need to create from scratch all the things you need on how to deliver that product or service – all those nitty gritty details that bring so many small business owners un-stuck.

You also get trained and coached / supported in how to run the business, and at face value, that’s a pretty good value proposition.

In return, you need to; pay up-front entry and on-going costs for all that knowledge, and intellectual property that you are instantly accessing and downloading into your brain. Also, the physical asset costs, product, training, support and varied services on-going.

Of course, these broad features and benefits differ greatly amongst the hundreds of franchise and license systems.”

We’re proud to have built a system that stacks up in all the areas of importance when compared to other licensed cafes, and the option of going it alone. We’re even prouder when our licensees back us up in reporting the same thing.

To see why Lorenzo Di Giorgio chose Stellarossa over all other café options WATCH HERE.

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what training and support is provided?

We call your training Interstellar Training!

You will spend two transformational weeks at our wonderfully equipped head Office in Brisbane, Queensland. Ready for your transition to Stellarossa café owner is a fully operational kitchen with the same equipment you will find in your café. Beside the training kitchen is the coffee training room with two full-coffee machine set-up work stations. Our training environment is structured to replicate as much as we possibly can, the work stations you’ll have with your team in your own café. Yet at the same time, allowing you to learn all you need to learn, about the business, back-end operational management and more, without the pressure of customer service and the busy store environment at the same time.

For the food preparation component of your training, you’ll be learning;

The theory aspects of our food offering,
Food handling and health and safety requirements,
Ordering stock and managing Costs of Goods.

You are trained to the Stellarossa standard in all the finer details that go into making Stellarossa food the high quality that our customers expect.

For the coffee component of your training, this is where we take the entire business to the next level.

A tour through the Di Bella roasting facility to truly understand what the concept of ‘crop to cup’ means,
View the selection process of our 5-Star Coffee Blend and Single Origin beans,
Two further intensive days follow, going through our Barista Basics and Intermediate Barista Training Programs involving production, pouring, latte art and coffee theory.

By the end of your entire block of training at Stellarossa HQ in Brisbane, you will spend a further 3 – 5 days in-store, implementing and reinforcing all your training. At this time, with all the knowledge and training you know have, we are helping you to over lay all that into a store environment and its own unique pressures, to best prepare you for your own café business!

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how do I market my café to attract customers?

We’re believers in the fact that YOU at the local café level in your community, are best placed to determine where you need to spend your marketing dollars.

We do not believe in the concept of taking marketing dollars from you, and spending it as we see fit for the network. control it on your behalf. Undeniably, local owners are best positioned to see, feel and understand the opportunities and needs within their own market.

We’ll be right beside you, helping, advising, guiding and supporting you with our marketing team experience and resources, but you ultimately make the call on where and how you want to spend it to grow.

To enable this, our model requires 1.5% of your weekly turnover, to be placed in a dedicated local area marketing account of your own, to execute marketing campaigns to help grow your business.

In so many cases in franchise systems nationally, and possibly one you are also considering right now, the franchisor requires payment of your local marketing dollars into a centrally pooled account, for use as they see fit for the network. Stellarossa is where YOU have full control of your local area marketing funds – we just want to ensure that you do invest it into your marketing wisely!

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what are the entry costs and on-going fees?

This is an area we consider a key point of difference when joining the Stellarossa family. We pride ourselves on helping aspiring, entrepreneurial café owners to get into business and enjoy all the advantages that being part of a franchise network can bring them, but without the steep price tag often attached to it.

Transparency is crucial when it comes to up-front and on-going costs.

Entry and on-going costs into your café include;

Commence Licence Fee
$25,000+gst (use of the Stellarossa brand and café system IP for the full-franchise term)
Training Fee
$15,000+gst (your 3+ week training program plus store opening / launch team)
On-going Royalty
4.5% of total weekly turnover (sales)
Local Area Marketing Levy
1.5% of total weekly turnover (sales) Controlled by YOU in your own marketing account.

Note: These costs are all included into the broad range of investment indicated from $225,000 depending on the café tenancy construction and fit-out.

We’re also able to do all this, while nurturing a business model that welcomes and encourages a spirit of independence allowing your individual personality to come out and shine at the same time, and with the Stellarossa brand and systems backing you up – a rare combination in a world loaded with cookie cutter franchise café models.

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how much does a café cost?

The investment amounts into a café vary depending on the specifics of the actual location. An indication to work from is that a total range from $225,000 is a basis – of course depending on the location and its attributes.

Of course, other brands in our market are regularly pushing a significant amount above this for certain locations – we know our sweet spot very well.

You will know well in advance, and be involved in our process of designing and costing of your café location.

The reason the above range is so broad, is to allow for all scenarios. Some locations we build from scratch, as in, a bare ‘shell’ of a tenancy. Other locations have features that we are able to adapt and integrate within your café design.

On occasions we even have locations that are what we call ‘re-brands’ where they have been another café brand previously, and we have negotiated to take over the existing café, and undertake works to make that café our own distinctive Stellarossa look and feel.

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the Stellarossa story

The Stellarossa story commenced in 2009 in Brisbane with a passion for the excitement of entrepreneurship and coffee culture. With our co-founders Darren Schultz and Phil Cronin and the entire Stellarossa team, we’ve been methodically refining the ultimate café business system one cafe at a time, ever since.

As such, we’ve become very comfortable with referring to our business as simply ‘An excellent café business system.’

With a carefully measured café expansion focus initially on Brisbane, then the broader Southeast Queensland, we currently have 20 locations, with regular new thoughtfully considered additions to the network.

Our unrelenting commitment to the finest quality of coffee beverage creation at every location, our fresh and locally sourced produce for our flexible menus according each market, and our focus on growing our network as a family of dedicated entrepreneurs, makes Stellarossa a great brand to seriously consider for your café business venture.

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