Stellarossa Thornlands Cafe



Cafe Style

Large Cafe


Approx $350k +gst

About This Opportunity Paradise Garden Shopping Village, set to open its doors on Friday, May 3rd, 2024, will be the ultimate destination for all convenient shopping needs. Situated at the corner of Boundary Road and Panorama Drive in Thornlands, this proposed neighborhood center seamlessly integrates retail with expansive parkland and green space. This project will transform into a bustling community hub, offering a fresh retail, dining, commercial, and experiential destination for Thornlands residents and visitors alike. At the heart of the proposed Paradise Garden Shopping Village development lies a commitment to community, creating a space where locals can gather with family and friends to explore adjacent green spaces, savor delicious meals, and support local businesses. The community hub will encompass everything one needs under one roof, including a full-line supermarket, various specialty retailers, indoor-outdoor dining options, a family-friendly tarern, a medical center and pharmacy, and a service station. This Stellarossa cafe opportunity adds to the allure of Paradise Garden Shopping Village. Boasting excellent exposure and a relaxing ambiance, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee or a meal while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of the village. This Stellarossa Thornlands Cafe opportunity is available to begin works right now. If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, reach out to Darren for more information (links below). See mock-ups and tenancy location information here:



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