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The Stellarossa brand was born out of a passion for quality coffee, service excellence and delicious flavours. We aim to provide our guests with a premium experience each and every time they visit one of our cafés. In order to achieve this outcome, we’re looking for aspiring small business owners who want to kick goals, and who share our genuine passion for perfection in the ever-changing café culture.

Stellarossa is currently made up of 20 venues, including 4 Drive Thru Cafes, each of which is locally owned and operated. Our method is to overlay a refined business system on a strong, on-trend café offer, creating businesses in local communities that we can all be proud of. We have a number of new sites available and we’re looking for motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs to get involved – or, you may also have a site that you’d like to bring to us for consideration.

Join a community of like-minded cafe owners who share a vision of success, and benefit from our tried and tested Café Franchise System, while still enjoying the freedom and independence to express yourself in your own business.

These are our four key drivers.


Because our focus is on building and growing individual café businesses, we keep coffee at our core by engaging an exceptional coffee roasting supply chain rather than roasting our own. This allows us to focus on the cafés while utilising the specialist knowledge, passion and processes of dedicated roasters, and ensuring transparent, consistent and competitive pricing.


No cookie-cutter approach here. We’re not trying to make local areas fit us. Instead, we take a flexible approach to menu, local fresh produce sourcing, and café design, to best fit your local market. Very un-franchise, huh?


We’ve removed the complexity of establishing your café business. We focus on the things that will make a difference in your market, so you have a light, robust business to operate and enjoy. ANZ Accreditation also means that obtaining finance should be simpler, and should give you additional peace of mind that Stellarossa is a solid business system.


And we prove it by very deliberately structuring our model with low entry costs and low on-going fees. We’re patient and deliberate, and our aim is to grow with you.


Read on to find out more about what makes Stellarossa unique

"Small business isn't for the faint of heart. It's for the brave, the patient & the persistent. It's for the overcomer".

Coffee is at our core

Great coffee is at the core of any great café business – and we’re happy to say, our customers consistently tell us they love our coffee! There is a genuine passion for coffee within our network, and this continues to grow through constant education, inspiration and guidance around coffee practices and trends.

But even the most passionate and well-trained Barista can’t produce a terrific cup without the perfect bean. Our focus is on building and growing individual café businesses, so we keep coffee at our core by engaging an exceptional coffee roasting supply chain rather than roasting our own.

This allows us to focus on the cafés from a holistic point of view, while utilising the specialist knowledge, passion and processes of dedicated roasters for the bean our customers have grown to love, all the while ensuring transparent, consistent and competitive pricing.

In other words, we don’t need the distraction of managing an entire coffee roasting business. We’re able to achieve better outcomes for our franchise partners by holding our supply chain accountable for their specialty products, while we focus on continuous improvement of our business systems and tools.

Stellarossa Swan Latte Art

Uniquely shaped to fit each local market

Cafés thrive when they’re truly engaged in their community. Our approach encourages engagement with the local community in any way possible. Our menus are flexible and adapted for each local market, and owners are empowered to source fresh food and produce from local suppliers.

We’ve noticed a trend in recent years for franchise food brands to centralise food production (that was otherwise previously ‘fresh’) and transport these manufactured goods to stores. Whilst we understand the potential benefits around managing costs and consistency across the network, it also comes with a range of disadvantages and doesn’t sit right with our vision.

We see an enormous win-win opportunity in doing the exact opposite, and building a competitive advantage through:

  • Fresh food positioning with our customers
  • Truly connecting with the local community (the bread and butter of our businesses)
  • Allowing business owners flexibility to tailor their food offer to their market
  • A bespoke menu not only means our customers see more of what they want on our menus and in our cabinets, it also minimises wastage and allows our licensees more control over their outgoing costs

We also encourage business owners to support local infrastructures and growth through sponsorship and collaboration, and in the shop design process, create spaces that easily transform into community hubs for local groups and events.

Our Business System

Underneath it all, we are an excellent café business system. That’s why we’ve been granted ANZ Accreditation to assist our new licensees to obtain finance for the their business’ faster, and with less running around.

We take our expertise in site selection, shop construction, buying power, operational training and systems, marketing, and on-going business development support, to give you the tools you need to build a strong, successful business that you can be proud of.

We understand that your investment into our business is a crucial part of your lifestyle and wealth creation plans. We also understand that your investment is not just financial, but also your valuable time and energy, which you want to ensure you get the most out of.

A team of well-practised and dedicated industry professionals is well resourced behind the scenes. We’re proud of our team of specialists who each bring their knowledge, skill and distinguished practical experience from many years in their fields, to work together seamlessly.

They’re passionate and focused on constant evolution and improvement of the brand and everything that entails, and keeping your business at the forefront of your market.

Long-term Outlook

Our long-term approach is evident with our low entry costs and low on-going fees. We recognise that start-up is the most challenging phase of any business, and our approach not only recognises this, but does something about it by being patient with our own returns.

Your success is our success; and we work with you to achieve your long-term goals while achieving ours in the process through organic growth. We work with our business owners to understand their goals and visions for themselves personally, and for their business, including determining their exit strategy as soon as they hit the ground so we can work together to achieve the desired results.

We know that every extra percent of sales that you pay to royalties, makes the task of growing a long-term sustainable business more challenging than it needs to be. The foundation of a great on-going business together is with our industry-low fee structure:

  • 6% of total sales on royalties
  • 2% of total sales to marketing

Our firm belief is in fair, reasonable and transparent entry and operating costs for the life of your business.


Stand out from the crowd

In a marketplace with numerous café business options, we’re focused on being responsive to the needs of our licensees to stand out from the rest. We do this by encouraging open and honest communication within our network at all times, having a proactive approach in all that we do, and constantly investing resources back into the business to continually strengthen the system for the benefit of all.

Being a small business owner isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it! But we aim to give you the tools you need to make it easier, give you every opportunity to achieve success, and make sure you have fun along the way.

A key part of strengthening our business model is welcoming like-minded new licensees into our family, who want to get as much out as they put in – perhaps that’s you!

We aim to be as transparent as possible so you're engaged in the exciting process of opening your Cafe from start to finish.Find out more - download our Franchise Partner Onboarding Process here.

Lights, camera, action!

Here we have an interactive fly-through video of our newest cafe, fresh after the build.

This style of cafe is what we call a ‘Large Format Cafe’. It has capacity for a liquor licence, and full breakfast, lunch and dinner services. Down the track the Licensee might think about things like a gelato stand, a doggy menu, trivia nights, etc. The world is their oyster!

Stellarossa cafes can be adjusted to suit to most trade areas, site specifications, Licensee preferences, and demographics. In this instance, the large L-shaped tenancy has dual access and is built around a completely separate tenancy. It will also have an adjoining outdoor dining area, to be built by the landlord a couple of months after opening.

Stellarossa cafes can be found on most online order-ahead and delivery platforms. We also have the Stellarossa App, where customers can order ahead and have their order waiting for them when they arrive. Given that the location of this cafe is just off a busy main road, we saw potential for lots of pick-up and takeaway orders – so the easy-access pick-up window at the front of the cafe was a no-brainer.

This cafe is located in a heavily family-focused area, so some of the tenancy space has been transformed into a partitioned kids play area that will double as a meetings and functions space as needed.

This cafe has standard upright and below-bench fridges and freezers, rather than walk-ins. It has lots of different types of dining spaces, high ceilings throughout, and low lighting for ambience. It will be finished off with some decorative display pieces and artwork. You’ll see there’s lots of storage space around the cafe, so there’s no separate storage area. The small refrigerated display cabinet will used to display cakes, slices, pastries, tarts and cookies. We think the whole cafe is a little bit special, and the Licensee is very happy too.

Welcome to Stellarossa Morayfield. Take a good look around, and reach out if you have any questions at all.

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