Dairy and Related Products Tender

Call for Open Tender:

For the provision of Dairy and Related Products Supply for Stellarossa Sites.

Stellarossa Franchising Australia (SRFA) seeks proposals from qualified contractors (hereafter referred to as “contractor” or “supplier”). SRFA intends to award a contract designating a single or multiple sources as the preferred supplier(s) for a period of 1 year, with an option to renew for an additional 2 years.

The tender is free of charge, and interested companies can access the documents by completing the form at the bottom of this page. Once completed, you will receive an email from tenders@stellarossahq.com.au with the four Tender Documents attached. Please check your junk mail if the email doesn’t come to your inbox.

Closing Date/Time

8th May 2024 2:00 PM AEST.

Purpose and Objectives

  • Provide a comprehensive Master Agreement offering Products and Services to the SRFA network.
  • Ensure ongoing supply at competitive pricing with satisfactory follow-up support to SRFA network.
  • Achieve cost savings for SRFA stores
  • Improve franchise partner compliance with approved products through ensuring product availability, competitive pricing and suitable DIFOT
  • Reduce SRFA’s administrative and overhead costs by utilising a technology solution


The Contract will cover the following requirements (see Part B – Contract Details – Schedule 1 Requirements for full details)

  • The successful Supplier will provide competitive pricing to all SRFA stores as well as provide rebates to SRFA HQ on all purchases by the stores within the network.
  • SRFA will grant to the successful Supplier a Contract to provide the Dairy and Related Products to all stores within the network and will be nominated a preferred supplier (meaning stores cannot order from other suppliers unless they have approval from HQ).
  • SRFA is seeking supplier(s) provide an online / phone order system capable of identifying SRFA approved products, ship-to addresses, and by location. Supplier’s system will ideally allow for select SRFA personnel to be assigned as system administrators to manage user-defined parameters, as well as manage and monitor pricing that results from this proposal. The successful bidder will designate delivery days for all existing and new locations nationally.
  • SRFA is requiring that supplier(s) provide fridge assets on loan as part of the agreement, contractors should advise what capacity they have to supply stores with these assets and the associated terms of the loan.


SRFA is looking to partner with a supplier that can not only provide the required products but can deliver effective after-sales support to the stores within the network, including but limited to:

  • Financial – competitive pricing on all approved products including the provision of rebates to HQ on all products purchased by the network.
  • Account representative availability & responsiveness, knowledge, and ability to resolve individual store issues in a timely manner.
  • Comprehensive quality management systems and manufacturer accountability to resolve quality related issues.
  • Communication systems and channels to manage expectations around sustainability of supply, product pricing and proactively providing solutions to all out of stocks (OOS).
  • Marketing & Market Insight support – working together on co-branded campaigns (i.e. barista competitions, support with project pink campaign ((operated by the PA Research Foundation – PARF) join forces with Stellarossa to raise money for vital cancer research to improve prevention, care, and cure for the month of October – we donate funds from all hot drinks sold), as well as provide information on trends, data consumer habits and preferences, product innovation (ie seasonal product support).
  • Presenting new and innovative products and/or manufacturers for alternatives on existing ranges or as potential new products we can add into the range as part of new product development.

Indicative timetable (subject to change)

Invitation issued22 April 2024
Closing date for questions1 May 2024
Closing date and time for offers8 May 2024- 2:00 p.m.
Intended completion date for evaluation of offers15 May 2024
Samples (if requested / required) on any substitutesAs soon as possible after the evaluations are completed
Further negotiations with Supplier(s)TBA if required
Intended date for formal notification of successful Supplier24 May 2024
Intended Contract Start Date1 June 2024
Changeover Period (stores to commence order once changed over)1 June to 30 June 2024
Mandatory Entire Network Ordering Date1 July 2024