At Stellarossa, we’re always focused on ensuring our products are in line with consumer trends. This means time for some creative thinking! As we turned our attention to the approaching summer period, Cam “The Professor”, began developing a concept that had been rolling around in his head for some time – an exciting new House Made Punch Soda.

With the brief that we wanted to deliver a product that was super refreshing and light on calories, Cam went to work.

“Soda Punch is aimed at that broad and growing Queensland market who are looking for something different and exciting to try when it comes to food and beverage, especially from brands who they know they can trust to provide quality products” comments Erin Warner, Brand Development Manager.

After 4 months of development, which included vital testing with our Franchise Partners, we got the green light and were able to launch this fantastic and popular new product across the network.

With its unlimited flavour opportunities and ease of production in-store, House Made Soda Punch ticks all the boxes for our Franchise Partners as well. Erin comments how it’s “crucial for continued network growth that all new products satisfy our requirements for costing and profitability as per the business model. In this case it was also important that most of the products were already used in our cafes as that helps keep costs down even lower and makes it more efficient operationally.”

House Made Soda Punch has turned out to be a hot summer favourite with customers and Franchise Partners alike. “We know that when it comes to beverages, guests want the consistency of great quality coffee but with the option of trying something new when they feel like it – so keeping our offering fresh, while also providing that quality and consistency is vital.”

“The Soda Punch really is about as refreshing as a drink can be!” finishes Erin with a grin.