why choose Stellarossa?

The Stellarossa brand was born out of a passion for quality coffee, service excellence and delicious flavours. We aim to provide our guests with a premium experience each and every time they visit one of our cafés. In order to achieve this outcome, we’re focused on four core areas that we believe best influence your experience with us.


The highest grade of Arabica beans are sourced from around the world and then crafted into our exclusive blend. We also have a new Single Origin bean sourced from somewhere new around the world each month. We ensure these beans are stored and aged before use to maximise flavour and enjoyment.

baristas & guest service

Having premium coffee isn't all it takes! At Stellarossa, all of our Baristas are put through extensive, exclusive training to ensure your coffee is of a consistently high standard. Each of our team members' sole focus is on giving you the best experience possible, so you'll always find our cafe teams to be friendly, accommodating and efficient.


Stellarossa cafes provide an enticing, modern slant to the traditional cafe. Most locations have a variety of dining options including indoor tables, benches, lounges and outdoor dining. Perfect for solo dining, an indulgent meal with your significant other, or a catch-up with friends. We're also family friendly with kids meals and activities to keep them happy while you relax and enjoy your premium coffee!

indulgent food

We aim to provide an unforgettable yet affordable taste experience to perfectly compliment our quality coffee. Each Stellarossa cafe has a bespoke menu to suit their market. You'll always find the delicious favourites that Stellarossa has become known for, as well as some local dishes that make each Stellarossa cafe unique.

we love coffee.

Stellarossa coffee is blended from the highest grade of Arabica beans from around the world. Our roasting partners only work directly with the farmers to ensure our coffee is always ethical, responsible and sustainable.

5 star

Our 5 Star blend is exclusive to Stellarossa. It's perfectly blended, roasted and tested to ensure a consistent flavour profile. This full-bodied blend possesses spicy, chocolate characteristics with a rich, lingering berry-like velvet finish.

monthly single origin

We search far and wide for the most delicious flavour experiences from all over the world. Our Single Origin beans are selected by our most experienced tasters to ensure they have flavour profiles and tasting notes that we think you'll love. We change our Single Origins monthly because there are just too many flavours out there, and we think you deserve to try them all! Click Here to see details of our past and current showcase bean.


Our Decaf coffee undertakes the Mountain Water processing method and is 99% Caffeine free. This process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical-free process that delivers a flavour rivalling fully caffeinated espressos. It maintains the integrity of the beans' original flavours and maximises the richness of taste.

PA Research Foundation

Stellarossa are proud to support the PA Research Foundation. Each year the PA Research Foundation receives 100’s of research applications for desperately needed health research projects, which means every dollar raised is critical to bring to life these projects, so research can move from the lab to the trial of new treatments for patients who desperately need them.

Supporting health research is not only helping our community now, but it is an investment in our future health and those of generations to come.

With over 20 stores across the State and 250+ employees, the work of the Foundation is close to many of our staff. They may have directly benefited from the health care provided by the PA or have been touched in some shape or form by serious illnesses that the Foundation is working hard to provide treatments for.

Having a partnership with the PA Research Foundation is our way of giving back to the health of our community and supporting a cause that will benefit us all. We are proud to say that in the past four years we have raised a total of $48,430.

Please join us in creating a healthier place for our community and the ones we love and participate in our next fundraising activity – it could save your life.